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About Us


Our Mission and Ideology

At Hey Gorgeous Waxing and Skin Studio, we want to create an environment where clients receive quality skin care services by expertly trained staff in a calm, relaxed and fun environment. Our goal is to create a beautiful neighborhood shop to provide all of your skin’s needs. Since 2012, we have worked to help Austinites look and feel gorgeous.

The Hey Gorgeous Team


Tiffany Olson Moorman

Owner and Founder

I became an esthetician to help people achieve their ideal skin and opened Hey Gorgeous in 2012 to make this a reality for as many as possible.

My interest in skin care began when I worked as a manager at an aesthetic laser center in the esteemed New York Presbyterian Hospital. I worked closely with some of New York City's top plastic surgeons and dermatologists, gaining a deep understanding of the skin and its needs.

After moving back to Texas, I got my esthetician license to continue to help people with their skin care. In 2006, I began practicing as an esthetician. After years of experience in the industry, I felt there was a better way to serve clients. I opened Hey Gorgeous to give Austin a friendlier, more relaxed waxing and skin care alternative. I take pride in knowing that I’ve carefully selected a staff that believes in these principles as much as I do.

When not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and my four-legged family, singing & playing guitar and stand-up paddle boarding on Town Lake.


Jackie Walker

My love for getting pampered blossomed into a love for skin care. Waxing soon followed. Growing up with massage therapist parents, self-care was a huge part of my childhood. In 2007, I found what I now love to do.

Brows are, and have always been, my absolute favorite thing to do. They frame your face, open the eyes, and, when done beautifully, can make you feel like a million dollars. I love contributing to making others feel good about themselves. After 10 plus years of being an esthetician, coming to work is still a joy.

I spend my free time enjoying all the things Austin has to offer.


Stephanie Castleberry

Although my background is in waxing, I also have a strong passion for skin care. It was curiosity about my own skin issues that pointed me in the direction of aesthetics.


After I graduated from Aveda Austin in 2016, I began learning the "behind the scenes" part of the industry. Soon after, I was yearning for more and decided it was time to use my skill set directly. I am so grateful I took that step! I truly appreciate the connections I make with my clients throughout my work. Helping people feel better than they did prior to their appointment is such a gift.

When I’m not working, I clock in for my first job of being a mom to a really awesome young lady!


Delia Acuna

Eleanor Roosevelt once said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. Originally, my dream was to become a trauma nurse but my passion for cosmetic treatments of the skin kept leading me down the path of esthetics so I decided to follow my heart. I have an intense passion for learning and believe in all professions - you must continue to learn and grow to stay at the top of your game. I love sharing my knowledge with others and helping them improve their image and enhance their self-confidence.

Helping clients look and feel good, in turn, helps me feel good. It’s happiness for all, one face at a time!

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