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The after care is extremely important to protect your investment. We provide every client with the proper instructions and tools to maintain their lash extensions. Ultimately it is up to you to care for your extensions properly. We also offer products to aid you in extending the life of your lash extensions.

Avoid oil-based products of any kind.

Cleansers, lotions, eye makeup removers, etc. WILL break down the adhesive resulting in premature lash loss. If using a daily eye cream, make sure not to touch your lashes while applying.

Cleanse your lashes every day even if you’re not wearing makeup.

Your lash artist will advise you on proper cleansing. Hey Gorgeous also sells an extension-safe eye makeup remover from Image Skincare. This product consists of dual-action pads that gently lift away makeup while rejuvenating the appearance of tired or aging eyes. Even stubborn eye makeup dissolves in one step without tugging the delicate skin around the eyes. This product is formulated with anti-aging botanicals that calm irritation and reduce the appearance of puffiness with each use.

Avoid anti-aging products for 24-48 hours after an appointment.

Brush your lashes daily with the complementary dry mascara wand you receive at the end of every lash appointment.

Do not wear waterproof mascara.

This could weaken the bond during the removal process. Hey Gorgeous sells an extension-safe mascara - ask your lash artist about it!

Please try your best to refrain from touching your eyes other than when cleansing.

Your hands have dirt on them and dirt is oily - which will break down the adhesive.

No perming the lashes!

Do not use eyelash curlers.

Do not pull or tug on your lashes.

Be gentle with them. Avoid excessively rubbing your eyes.

It is recommended that you refrain from excessive sweating and heat/steam for the first 24-48 hours after application.

Exposure to regular heat, saunas, steam rooms, or hot yoga will weaken the bond and cause the lash extensions to fall off.

Do not attempt to remove lashes on your own, please call us for an appointment!

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