Our Estheticians
Aimee Pickett Hookstra
Aimee Pickett Hookstra

It all started for me when I was eleven years old and my mom took me to get my eyebrows waxed. From then on I was hooked. By high school I was waxing my own brows at home, along with all of my friends.

This was just the beginning for me and it developed full circle by my mid-twenties. I started getting acne when I was 25 and I became more and more interested in skin care. I have always been a nurturer and loved helping people. I started Esthetics school in 2005 at Vogue College here in Austin, Texas and found my calling. I was thrilled about being able to help people with their skin care needs and make them feel better about themselves inside and out. Shortly after graduating I chose to focus on skin care, waxing and overall health at the nationally recognized spa Milk + Honey. I was the Lead Esthetician, responsible for training and creating treatments. It was there I began to focus my attention on waxing, receiving ongoing and extensive training. After leaving Milk + Honey I have been exclusively specializing in waxing since 2008.

I am so excited to be practicing on my own and going back to my roots and focusing on both skin care and waxing. I have a true passion for helping others and I love to educate my clients on their skin care needs. I believe that skin care is not just about treating the outside with products, but focusing on the inside as well. I am a firm believer that diet, lifestyle, nutrition and exercise play a huge part in your skin. I am focused on developing a partnership with the skin and educating my clients on nutrition and lifestyle habits that promote healthy skin.

When I am not working with clients I enjoy spending time with my husband, my beautiful baby girl, and my dog. I enjoy running, yoga, music and eating phenomenal food.

Email Aimee at aimee@heygorgeousaustin.com

Tiffany Olson Moorman
Tiffany Olson Moorman

I began my interest in skin care as a manager of an aesthetic laser center in the esteemed New York Presbyterian Hospital. While working closely with some of New York City's top plastic surgeons and dermatologists, I gained a deep understanding of skin and its needs.

After moving from NYC to Austin, I decided it was time to follow my dream further and become an esthetician.

I have worked for over five years as an esthetician and in doing so found a new love - helping others achieve beautiful skin through facials, waxing or chemical peels. I am always looking for new ways to help others with their skin care needs. My pleasure comes from being extremely efficient and helping clients feel comfortable in what can sometimes be considered an uncomfortable situation. My clients always tell me that coming to see me is "like visiting with an old friend."

When not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and my four-legged family. I love to travel, dance and don’t be surprised if you see me out at karaoke some night!

Email Tiffany at tiffany@heygorgeousaustin.com

Judy Rodgers
Judy Rodgers

In my mid-twenties I started to invest my free time in my love of make-up application. I quickly realized just how important a good "foundation" is and that people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds should start with healthy skin. It is truly an investment that will last a lifetime!

I decided to follow my passion and become an esthetician. I look forward to exploring further all of the new skills and knowledge that the field of Esthetics has to offer. By continuing to grow as an esthetician, I can offer my clients the latest in treatments and help them achieve their most fabulous, healthy skin.

I am uber excited to continue this journey and look forward to where my career guides me.

Email Judy at judy@heygorgeousaustin.com

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